• The City of Pittsburgh
    Before moving to Florida, I lived here, in Pittsburgh
    A big city all lite up and night is amazing

    This was taken at the Mount Washington Overlook
  • A Little Puffer
    Once I moved here, I started a new hobby...

    Amazing things live under the sea!!!
  • The Everglade Gators
    Gators! They are amazing creatures
    VERY Photogenic when they are calm and warming
    Don't try to pet them...
  • The Colorado Rockies
    I go from one extreme to the other
    From the oceans to the mountains

    This is an AMAZING World
  • The Buffalo
    Yellowstone is home to a very large herd
    They look like furry cows, but can get
    a little violent

About the Photographer

Based in Southwest Florida, Chauncey is an accomplished and award winning professional photographer that began his career in 2003. He has been mentored by some of the top photographers in the world including, Tom Bol (Outdoor Photographer, Men's Health) Lucas Gilman (National Geographic, RedBull) Bill Durrence (Nikon School) and Dave Black (National Geographic, Smithsonian.)

Shooting with Canon equipment affords Chauncey the ability to keep up with the latest technology in Photography. Having mobile studio lighting and backdrops allows for location shooting so that everyone is within there comfort zone.

Having shot protraiture for weddings and corporate settings, allows for Chauncey to bring experience and professionalism with fun to your event or shoot.


Current News

Personal Stuff

March 21, 2021

Life Updates

So happy as I can be. I lost my dad last December, so I got the family through the Will and getting the Estate all settled. Sold the house and moved into a great apartment in Fort Myers. The pups and I are doing well.


SCUBA Diving

March 21, 2021

Teaching Full Face Mask, First Aid, CPR and Aquatic Emergencies, kind like back in the 90's with Med-Stat Ambulance and the paramedic life.



March 21, 2021

Got a couple of new toys for the camera. I will be posting soon some new shots.