Welcome to Photos by Chauncey


If you can see it, I can shoot it...


Photography is something I found the most interesting as a hobby goes...but in 2003 when I got the first camera, I played and fiddled with it and took some shots. Pretty proud of some of those shots, I though I had a good strong grasp of photography.

I had no clue!

I was leafing through Popular Photography one afternoon, and found an ad for the Mentor Series. The trek was to Yellowstone Natioinal Park. I saw the shots, and decided, to sign up. After bouncing all over the country trying to get to West Yellowstone Montana, I finally arrived, got checked in and headed down to meet and start the trek. Remember, I am still thinking I have some great grasp as to what to do with a camera. I walked out of that first night (about 2 hours later) and I remember thinking to myself, I don't have any idea as to what I am doing....but by the end of that weekend (a really LONG weekend) I had a very good begining.

In this section, i will post all my "trek" photos. Feel free to let me know if you think of them. Personally, I think I have SERIOUSLY learned a lot, and there is still more to learn.