Mentor Series 2009 - Colorado

Mentors - Reed Hoffmann & Dave Black






The Great Sand Dunes

August 14th, 2009

Formed by winds carrying sand from the plains and swirling around due to the mountain ranges, the Great Sand Dunes are formed. Always changing in shape and color make for great landscape photography.


Zapata Ranch

August 14, 2009

With the Great Sand Dunes in the background, no better place than to be at a ranch. We were treated to the running of the horses, a great lunch, and a day of shooting some wonderful ranch hands doing what they love to do...


The Contenental Divide

August 16, 2009

The mountains are always awe inspiring. The Continental Divide is a wonderful place.


White Water Kayaking

August 15, 2009

As the waters come down through The Rockies, is passes through some rough terrian making some great white water. Watching these guys do thier tricks in the white water was super cool.